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         The Fulton County Sheriff's Department fully recognizes that it is an organization with the sole purpose to serve in order to sustain and enhance the quality of life within our communities. We are courteous, professional, honest, and ethical. We provide services in an effective and efficient manner, always remembering that we are public servants. We will continuously seek to improve the level of service we provide. 


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Sheriff Albert "Al" Roork                           Chief Deputy Joe Boshears                            Lt. Jake Smith                                 
    (870)895-2601                                          (870)895-2601                                       (870)895-2601


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Investigator Dale Weaver                    Sgt. William Fawcett                  Sex Offender Coordinator Casey Brazeale                    
     (870)895-2601                                   (870)895-2601                                   (870)895-2601


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Back row- Investigator Dale Weaver, Chief Deputy Joe Boshears, Deputy James Cantrell, 911 Coordinator David Keck, Sgt. William Fawcett
Front row- Deputy Arles Linderman, Deputy Blair Ables, Deputy Phil Story, Lt. Jake Smith, Sex Offender Coordinator Casey Brazeale.
Not Pictured- Deputy Clay Divelbiss




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Fulton County Drug Addiction Liaison       Fulton County Jail Administrator           Administrative Secretary 
Erica Fawcett                                       Joann Cunningham                          Anita Roork                  
(870)751-7316                                     (870)895-2601                                  (870)895-2601