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Cari Long - Fulton County Assessor

Office: 870-895-3592
Email -
Fax: 870-895-3362
P.O. Box 586
Salem, AR 72576

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The Duties of the Assessor's Office:

  1. Assessment and appraisal of all individual personal property, business personal property and real estate property in the county.
  2. Maintain current appraisal and assessment records by securing field data and making changes in valuations as they occur in land use and improvements. Also, staying abreast of all deed and sales transactions within the county and making ownership changes as they occur.
  3. To apply Amendment 79 Homestead Act and all legal exemptions where applicable.


Between January 1st and May 31st each year, it is the responsibility of the property owners in the State of Arkansas to list all their personal property. Property assessed after May 31st, unless acquired after that date, is subject to a 10% late assessment penalty by state law. You can assess personal property in person or by phone. Assessment by telephone will not be taken for the initial listing of personal property being assessed to an individual who has no previous assessment on record with the assessor's office (for example, first-time assessments and new residents).


Each business operating in the State of Arkansas is required by Arkansas State Law to assess all business personal property no later than May 31st each year. The Fulton County Assessor's Office mails all personal business forms in January of the current assessment year to any businesses that assessed their property the previous year. If you have opened a new business in Fulton County, you will need to call our office so that a form can be mailed to you. If you need assistance in completing the form, you can call our office or come by in person and we will be happy to assist you. You can mail, fax, or bring the form into our office. Late assessment penalty of 10% will apply if returned after May 31st.

If a business is closed, please send the form back to our office signed and with the date the business closed written on the form.


The Real Estate Department is responsible for maintaining the real property parcel records for the county, in accordance with state laws, rules, and regulations. These records include, but are not limited to current ownership, legal description, deed transfers, land & building data, current valuation, assessment history, and homestead status.

Unlike personal property, it is not necessary to assess your real property every year. You only need to contact our office if you have made a change to your property by adding or removing items such as houses, outbuildings, etc.

Each parcel of real property is reviewed every three to five years due to state mandated reappraisal. The Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department determines whether it is three or five years based on market growth. Please keep in mind, the Assessor's Office does not set market value. Market value is set by the numerous sales transactions between buyers and sellers. In turn, the Assessor's Office gathers field data and analyzes those sales, which are then used to generate assessments reflecting the local market. This process is performed in compliance with the laws and standards set forth by the State of Arkansas.


In accordance with Amendment 79 of the Arkansas Constitution, homeowners may receive a property tax credit up to $375 per year. The credit is applicable to the "homestead", which is defined as the property of a person that is used as their principle place of residence. Homeowners who qualify for the homestead tax credit and who are either 65 years of age or older or disabled according to the Social Security Administration, may be entitled to additional tax relief. Proof of eligibility must be provided.

Amendment 79 applies a 5% cap on property claimed as homestead and a 10% cap on all other property (excluding new construction, newly discovered, or substantial changes).

After a property transaction is filed with the Clerk's office, we make changes to ownership of property and send a homestead form to the new owner. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to apply for the tax credit. The deadline for filing for the homestead credit for the current taxable year is October 15th.

It is your responsibility to notify our office if you are no longer eligible for the Homestead Credit.