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Frequently asked questions 

How long do I have to pay my ticket? 

You are given a court date on your citation, that is the date your ticket should be paid in full by.  


What if I cannot pay my ticket before my court date? 

If you are not able to pay your ticket in full before your court date, you MUST appear in court and plead guilty or not guilty.  


What happens if I plead guilty to my citation? 

If you plead guilty, you will set up a time pay contract which will allow you to make monthly payments on your fine. There is a $10.00 court automation fee added at the beginning of the month to your balance as long as you have the balance whether you're paying on the fine or not.  


What if I plead NOT guilty? 

If you plead not guilty, you will be given a new court date which will be your bench trial date. 

You can either be screened and appointed the public defender by the Judge, or hire your own attorney to help you on your trial date to prove you're not guilty.  


What if I forget about my court date and miss it, without paying for the ticket? 

If you miss your court date, without calling us or giving some kind of reason for not being able to make your court date, you WILL be issued a warrant for "failure to appear" which will result in another fine added to the original fine, and a suspended driver's license.  


Can I reschedule my court date?  

You can reschedule your court date one time with proof of why you cannot be there, after the first time, the information will be given to the Judge and he will determine if we can move your court date again or if a warrant will be issued.  


 Is there anything I can do to keep this off my record? 

We do offer a first-time offender's program, you're only eligible for this program if you have never had a ticket before. It is an additional $30.00 on your fine, it will go under advisement for 6 months, it will stay off your record.  


When will I get my license reinstated?  

Depending on why your license was suspended, if it was due to a DWI, DUI fine, it is an automatic 6-month suspension, until you appear in front of the judge for a guilty or not guilty disposition.  

If it was for a warrant, failure to appear, or a failure to pay warrant you will have to appear in front of the judge and based on his disposition is when your license will be reinstated.  


How do I get my license reinstated?  

Once you have a disposition from the Judge, we will send a release to driver's control depending whether you have an in state or out of state license, and you will be given information on how to get the proper paperwork to take to the DMV. You will then have to pay a reinstatement fee which is different depending on where you're getting it reinstated.  

You can find more information about reinstating your Arkansas license at 


I was found guilty on a DWI or DUI charge, who do I get in contact with to begin my classes and reinstatement?  

You will need to get in contact with the Midsouth drug and alcohol safety officer, Laketha Brown, at (870) 714-3600 or at MSHS