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Fulton County Information

Fulton County was formed on December 21, 1842, from territory taken from then-Izard County and was named for William S. Fulton, the last Governor of the Arkansas Territory. Fulton County is located in the northcentral part of the state and joins the Missouri state line on the North. Salem is the County Seat of Fulton County and the terrain of the county is generally rugged and hilly. U. S. Highway 62-412 and State Highway No. 9 intersect at Salem, located near the center of the county. State Highways Nos. 87, 175, 223, 289, and 395 also run through portions of Fulton County.

The latest population counts available (estimated 2019) show the population of the county at 12,477. Salem, Mammoth Spring, and Viola School Districts are located in Fulton County, as is a portion of the Highland School District. Mammoth Spring State Park, home of one of the largest single-outlet springs in North America is located in the county. Numerous lakes located in close proximity to Fulton County, including Lake Norfork, offer fishing and water sports activities.

A significant amount of the county’s land area of over 600 square miles is in pastureland and supports beef cattle and poultry farming and feed production, the area’s leading agricultural activities.

Salem is home to the annual Fulton County Homecoming, Mammoth Spring has their annual Old Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Reunion, and the Fulton County Fair is based in Salem.